Yes, it is yet another amazing day …praise God! My day started beautifully, with me feeling refreshed. It all began with a spirit lifting worship from the song ‘Show Us Thy Glory’, by one of my spirit sisters…oh yes I call Ma’m Augustina Addison my spirit sister because of the deep connection I felt through her worship. She did a soul shaking rendition of this song. Praying for more oil over her life in the mighty name of Jesus. I am yet to come down even as I type, from the awesome clouds of worship.

A lot is going on with the COVID19 situation, that families, businesses and economies are beginning to feel the down side of it. Some except by mercy, may not recover fully from the downturn because they weren’t prepared for it. People more than ever are trusting God to be their healer, protector and provider. God is these to us and much more. While I pondered on the situation, asking God for a way out for his people, a word and this song was laid in my spirit.

Show us thy glory oh Lord
Show us thy glory oh Lord
Let the dew of heaven bring us a refreshing show us your glory once more.

We are crying day and night asking God to show his face. We need him now! I was led to the following scriptures to remind me that God never fails. He already made provision for us. Praise God!

We have a heavenly release of the dew of heaven and every other blessings designed for those who are called by the name of the Lord. The dew of heaven is the refreshing we need this season.

…..and the heavens shall give their dew Halleluyah. The dew of heaven truly is refreshing. The earth’s thirst is quenched everyday by this dew and our spirits are freshed by heaven’s dew.

God has giving to us the blessing of the dew and it is only right that we get refreshed by it. You wonder why despite all the promises and blessings of God, you still feel the thirst, like you are in the desert. The Lord sends a word today and here it is…. this is wisdom to have the dew of heaven bring you a refreshing in this season as you travail in prayer.

By his divine revelation he broke open the hidden fountains of the deep, bringing secret springs to the surface as the mist of the night dripped down from heaven.

Proverbs 3:20 TPT

Aha! You need divine revelation for the release of heaven’s dew.

Let us ask God today for that divine revelation, the knowledge or ideas that will position us to receive heaven’s dew so we are refreshed today

I pray for you,

Heavenly Father by your love and mercy, reveal your glory to your own today, give them all they need in wisdom and understanding as we pray in Jesus mighty name, Amen

Have a heavenly time of refreshing beloved.

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