Commissioned to be change effectors, women of strong character and priceless virtues, born out of well articulated career, skill and spiritual developmental processes.


First started as a whatsapp prayer group in June 2018

With a mission to encourage sisters in adopting an online prayer culture, to combat the worldly distractions of the internet. We pray and share scriptures and the word on a daily basis, with other spiritually inspirational activities to engage member sisters from different countries across continents.

Over the course of a year, activities activities evolved into evangelism, humanitarian services alongside online prayers and fellowship. Our first anniversary themed ‘Who can separate us from the love of Christ’ (Romans 8:35), was marked with thanksgiving, evangelism and welfare visits to underprivileged and widows in Malaysia, Uganda and Nigeria on July 6th 2019.

Our mission is to permeate the online space with God’s word and His love so people see beyond the devil’s veil of keeping people too busy and distracted for God.

We want to build a fellowship of sisters – valiant, full of virtue and fit for the Lord’s coming.

We will be fitting into God’s grand scheme of things with;


  1. Engaging women productively on the internet through well tailored online activities for spiritual growth and empowerment
  2. Meeting the needs of the poor and downtrodden within the reaches of our ministry.
  3. Teaching women to fish; providing empowerment accesses, related programs and activities to help women support their homes financially as well as spiritually. 3John 1: 2
  4. Rekindling the revival fires and prayer altars in homes and communities
  5. Soul winning, the golden mandate.

By God’s grace made available to us, the Chayil Women’s Network will grow an international platform of warriors for God and strong supporters of families. We hope to have at least one Chayil Woman in every community and every home around the world for the end time harvest.

Mama Eno Vwaire Unukpo

Nigeria — Pastor Victoria Desmond
Uganda — Evangelist Eileen Jimmy
Malaysia — Minister Sarah Ikechukwu