And he turned into her he thought her to be an halort, because she has covered her face. And he turned into unto her by the way, and said, Go to, I pray there, let me come in unto thee, for he knew not she was his daughter in law. And she said, what will thou give me, that thou may come in unto me

Genesis 38:16

There will be a turning in your turn! A season of life will come that you will have a choice to make! The one that controls the tide will turn it in your favour!

Time and chances are twin sister, when you fail to maximize your chance at your time, you may never access your Prophetic destiny!

Tamar had one chance to sit on that road, just one chance to meet and mate with Judah, just one chance to place a tag on her destiny, just one chance to answer her name – The Palm

Opportunity walks on two legs! Only people that are deliberate and international about life access the juice out of life. Many are on the road without a defined purpose! Not Tamar – her outing was on a purpose, she was not an aimless hunter going no where to happen!

What you do when things turn to you counts. You don’t practice winning strategies inside the ring! You win by acting out your rehearsed scripts! I be on the way, the Lord will meet me!

Tamar had a mapped out pattern! You don’t go on search engine to respond to life’s questions. You must be a ready-made, now woman that thinks on her toes!

Suffice for you to know that there is something you have that someone on this page need desperately! You must also know that if you do not have specific price tag, the world will underpay you! Infact there are clan of Laban that will change your wages ten times!

Do you know your worthy? Do you know you are priceless? It took Jesus to die to buy you over, so you must not allow anyone to tramp you on the floor!

Never enter any contract without signing agreement with a seal!


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