I listened to a beautiful message two nights ago titled “Plot Twist” by Pastor Steven Furtick. And he highlighted how 2020 is the year of the plot twist, we all had things planned out, goals set, travel arrangements, summer body goals, you name it, then came Covid-19 and boom, plot twist, and everything changed.

This got me thinking, everytime there is a plot twist to things you had prearranged, there lies an opportunity to think outside the box, to reevaluate your priorities or maybe just be still and know! With every plot twist comes a change in every other chapter in that story.

Time is of the essence

How are you rewriting your story? If you were too busy for the people that matter most in your life, I hope this plot twist has helped you realise that your time with them is limited and therefore precious, leave work at work and be wholly present with your family and friends when home. If you always postpone that trip or opportunity to spoil yourself, when the world is fully reopened, rewrite and complete that chapter. That blog you’ve always wanted to start (and I’m speaking to myself too), go ahead and do it. Those early morning or late night prayers and Bible reading sessions you always want to start, now is the time. A wise someone said, “if you get out of this lockdown not having done the things you said you never had time to do, then you never lacked time, you just lacked self-discipline”.

We could be so focused on the virus and its effects, we might miss out on the lessons it brings. Each day still presents new opportunities and blessings. There’s still so much to be grateful for everyday. Celebrate even the smallest of victories, being alive and healthy is always a great starting point. Find at least one positive thing each day, and you’ll recognise so many others. Count your many blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you (literally) what the Lord has done.


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