This is what I preached in a pastor’s conference when I was just 15 years old and they contacted doc. Please read carefully and judge this matter for yourself. I told them–”Do you know you are a Spirit and that Spirit lives in a house called The Body or flesh” once the body is weak, tortured or destroyed the spirit leaves it(death).This is an act of spirits naturally.

This is why people die in sickness, accidents,viruses, bullets etc, because their spirit got tired of that inhabitations called”BODY”. As the body became weaker than the spirit could sustain. Spirit naturally don’t inhabits weak bodies. Even Jesus gave up the Ghost on the cross after being tortured and demoralized..

This is Why God wishes you to be in good health first, even before your soul prosper, your body is the first thing He needs before your soul Your soul is not as important as your Body is to God, because the soul can only be born again through the body. A spirit or soul can not accept Jesus or become a born again except it dwells in a flesh or body and your body is all he needs to execute His plans here on earth.

Even God couldn’t Redeem man until He was birthed or manifested in a flesh or body.

God needs your body more than you do that is why He provides an atmosphere Called ”HEALING EXPERIENCE”– a system provided for restoration or replacement of weak parts of the body from its original place of creation.

Spirits can’t be born again..once a sinner dies, he can’t get born again because of his body is the only license the spirit have to access God or Satan. Satan do not posses spirit, he possess bodies.

Your body is a mystery because it is a house of many rooms. It can accommodate demons in thousands–”legions”. Demons have no rest until they find a body to leave on. God calls it a “temple”. One of the biggest Temple in Nigeria now, is Dunamis Church of pastor Paul Enenche with 100,000 capacity but your body is larger than that capacity. Do you know that your body is larger than the world largest auditorium???

Heaven and earth can’t contain God, yet as big as God is, He dwells in your body.

This body we treate anyhow is a double mysteries sir/ma, But you see, we fail to understand this mystery that’s why we treat our body anyhow…

A system that houses being more ancient than time. Is not an ordinary system. Now you know this. The question now is— how do you treate your God giving body?

God gave you black eyes, black skin, muscular body, etc and you decided to surgically change it…
It’s an insult and a mockery on God’s integrity..
Take it or leave it.

And let me remind you, that anything that is not at it state of origin, if uttered attract rapid or natural consequences…Go to hospitals and see cases..

Sin can kill your God given body, sins like, Sexual sins(fornication, abortion, adultery,masturbation, lesbianism, homosexuality etc)drunkenness, smoking, bitterness, greediness, corruption,robbery etc avoid them all..

Lack of sleep, lack of good hygiene, speed driving, malnutrition,lack of prayer and study life?..etc

We should always find a way to take care of the body because spirit do not stay long in weak or tortured bodies. Your spirit is the strength that powers your body but when the body is weak the spirit functions in your body looses its grip and departs. It’s a sin to treate your God given body anyhow. So many people died so early cause of reckless and lackadaisical life style.

If your body suffers any consequences as a result of your carelessness, even God and your soul will not be happy with what you did with your body!!!

Have you sinned against your body and you know it? Now your still alife you have opportunities to amend your ways.

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