By Pastor Bunmi Onilude (Deborah Generation)

While he thus spake, there came a cloud, and overshadowed them: and they feared as they entered into the cloud. And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him

Luke 9:34-35

They were at the mountain top, He had prayed earnestly and His immortality has been swallowed up, the former rain soaked Him, His mentes saw the fashion of his countenance changed.

He tarried yet more on the mountain and suddenly they were overshadowed by the cloud, the cloud took them over, up on the mountain,

When He got into the cloud, there was a voice that came, this is my beloved son follow him! He got authentication attestation. Day unto day uttereth speech, the firmament declare His Glory. Hey how we missed it most time. Jesus tarried till the cloud took him over. He was not after shadow of men, He was after the cloud of glory, not after gathering of crowd. Hey my King tarried all night, gathering and mounting up.

Beloved mandate driver, let us get into the cloud. Let us tarry until the cloud of glory form on us. We must be cloud dwellers! We mostly leave the throne room in hurry. We go up the mountain and returned the same because of the demand of crowd. What will make the crowd to stay glue to us is in the cloud. Glory is a magnet! It pulls the crowd. However if at the expense of crowd we refuse to stay in the cloud, the crowd will never gather!

What the crowd need is in the cloud, get up the mountain, never come down until cloud overtake you. Even after the cloud has overtaken you, you still don’t return until you take what is the cloud! We need zeal of approval, we need scepter of authority, all are in the cloud!

Pastor Bunmi Onilude

The Prophetic Voice

All that you ever need is is in the cloud nor in the crowd! Never be deceive, if you don’t gather thy cloud, you can never get any satisfaction from any gathering with men.

Heart Cry

Deliver me from haste spirit that pushes me away from your presence hurriedly without laying hold

Jesus now I know it is in the cloud of glory not in the crowd of men, hey deliver me from satanic deception that make me to give attention to drop of water that is on the crowd

Yeah I fall before you Lord, tear my flesh, deadening my flesh, keep me on top of mountain until the cloud overshadows me!

Haha deliver me oh Lord from gathering of crowd!

All I need is in the cloud of glory, transport me to the mountain top where I will be translated into the cloud of glory. Yeah father make me glue up there until the cloud come.

Lord deliver me from this restlessness that will not allow me to stay in glory room.

Father by your Mercy, grant me authentication attestation! Put upon me zeal of approval! Make it your heart cry.

Mandate Mirror

Make time out for retreat.
Make list of friends distracting you from laying hold of glory of God
Put up measures to cut of unproductive friends
Review how you spend your days, you may need to trim down certain activities that drains you

Remember, it is in the cloud not in the crowd.

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