By PASTOR BUNMI ONILUDE (Deborah Generation)

And Adam called his wife name Eve, because she is the mother of all living

Genesis 3:20

And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it, and the Lord God commanded the man, saying of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it; for in the day that thou eastest of it thou shall surely die. Man was created to last forever.

Genesis 2:15

God never intended that man should die or go into extinction. The design of God is that man will continue to be in existence as long as God is in existence. At creation, God put His eternal Spirit in man, He breath into man, the breath of God and man became a living soul! Man received God’s life at creation and that life does not die! The story was not the same, because man did die! After their death, the female man; the wife received a call, an assignment, an order, a duty, a mandate! She was given a responsibility.

The overall purpose of you coming into this script is to play a part, you are simply here for a single reason, wife beyond intercourse and romance, the reason why you are brought into my life is to be a mother to every living thing in my life. For it to live, it hangs on you! For it to live you will have to function in the office and capacity of a mother.

Wife you are coming into an office, and in this office you are excepted to function, in this office you are excepted to manifest. You are to mother life, now we died because you did not understand the mandate and gravity of your calling. Now in this falling state, if you will stand up, rise up and be a mother of life. Womanwife, until you come into the office of a mother and you activate everything within you to conceive seed, birth seed, nurture the seed sustain the seed, multiply the seed, and retain the seed on earth!

Teach your children the way of the Lord

The Good Mother- She is the mother that refused anything to die in her hand. She is committed to be mother of the living not death. In her journey to answer her calling and fulfill mandate, she sits up to respond to what make for life. She make sure her children are living as long as she is alive A good mother is the woman that responds to mandate of living. She allows her children to Move. She is not like the mother of the certain man in Act 3:2, Act 14:8 The children were lame from their womb and noting were done to see to it that those children rise up, walk, move and advance in destiny.

Every living thing has certain traits – Motherhood mandate, brings you into lifelong commitment your cal into living hood is your lifelong goal. Let us meet Jocebed the mother of Moses Text: Exodus 2: 1-10, Heb 11:24 -29. Moses- we read his summary and exploit in Heb 11:24-29, was the little boy that had a mother of living that refused to submit him to Pharaohs army and refuse to drown her in river Nile. She was not jut a woman – wife, she was a total woman that fulfilled mandate of livelihood! So totality of womanhood does not answer to the worthy of your gold and diamond, it has nothing to do with the number of your wrappers, your womanhood worthy has everything to do with the product of your womb! Vr 1: Jochebed was a wife. Guess the way you had elaborate wedding she had too. She flaunts her wedding ring. She slept with her husband and conceived, is no big deal to be pregnant and it not a big deal if you do not have power to conceive, countless motherless children need who will be a mother to them.

Jochebed and Miriam

Attributes of a Mother of the living

1. Ex 2:2 She saw: She walked with her eyes opened. Many mothers sees nothing either good or bad about their children. It takes an observant mother to see. She saw – she was a seer and a prophet of her children. She was a prophetic teacher as in Prov 31:1. Like Rebecca in Gen 25:22 – 23, Judg 13:3-7. She had her eyes on her child’s welfare 247. She monitors everything that passed through her nose! Gen 21:9 Sarah saw the impending looming doom on Isaac and she acted.

Action Corner: Itemize three ways you need to become more observant and a seer. Are you giving to detail and monitoring of your children? Do you at interval check your children private parts – your toddlers, do you check their bags, do you check their rooms. Do you see with your eyes at all?

2. She hid him three months: She was a security officer for her son. She was in charge of his welfare. Her life goal is the livelihood of her son, the mandate here is life, so she did all she could do within her capacity to secure the destiny of her son.

Action Corner: What practical ways can you beginning to secure and hid your children? Security from media, security from neighborhood, security from church, security from contamination and assassination from the outside world, security from opposite sex. Some set of Cooper came from the city to a mission field and impregnated the pastor’s daughter….She did not build security round her female teen.

3. Constructive commissioning: When she could no longer hide him, she released him constructively. A good mother does not just release her children to the world without putting sustainable measures in place. She created an enabling sustainable environment for this boy to survive! Moses could not survive the adverse weather by the riverbank, but the mother had constructed a bulrush to keep him warm.

Action Corner: What measures are in place to integrate your children into teen hood, did you take time to prepare for your children mingling with opposite sex. Is there anything in place for the survival of your children outside your care? Have you construct any thing to sustain your children from adverse effect?

4. Her sister stood afar off. She is an accountable watcher. She intentionally made the sister to be an accountable watcher of her brother

Action Corner: In case you are out, who is accountable for the welfare of your children. Is there a watch and monitoring running system in place? 5. Vr 7. She raise bold confident children with positive self esteem. It is a deliberate effort, you tell them and teach them to walk shoulder high and speak without fear of intimidation 6. She is a nurse. By profession, nurse wait on and give care to sick people, there are time and season your children are sick physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, you must rise up and sit up to make sure they become well. A good mother is a transmitter. She is a conduct wire. The content in her that made her kept Moses for 3 months was replicated in Moses in Heb11:24-28. A good mother infused by transference, Action Corner: Itemized 5 things positive you want your kids to inherit from youItemized 5 bad things you will not want your children to inherit, To be mother of the living is a deliberate effort. I pray that your children will rise up to blessed you in your night season….. We prayed after the word!

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