By PASTOR BUNMI ONILUDE (Deborah Generation International)

And when they found him not, they turned back again to Jerusalem, seeking him. And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.

Luke 2: 45- 46

The greatest error one can commit in life is error of assumption. It takes you 300 degree backward in destiny!

Assumption is like a sleepwalking blindfolded man walking on the edge of a cliff!

Joseph and Mary left Jerusalem assuming that their son was in the company only to discover that he was not their after one day! Who does that! As christian parents, we have to come to reality. com. We have to be intentional to put in place, running and function systems. You don’t assume your children are in the company of the righteous when you did not engraft righteous values into them or integrate them consciously into your desire company

They supposing him to be in the company. Life is not a wish….what you do not work out, you don’t walk into. If your children will be in the company, you board them on and keep eyes on them till they land!

They suddenly discovered that it was not what they thought! Let us be committed to working system not supposing system. My husband will always say, “You don’t leave the person you will eventually wait for in future” Assumption drains your energy and resources! In parenting you just have to be intentional and deliberate…. So they went back to pick their son up.

It is ok to wait and still get back your lot than loosing everything at the long run. Go back if you have to, by all means; your son must be back in the company! Whatever price we have to pay to win back our children and get them on the path of life worthy it.

Mary and Joseph committed their ‘should-be’ responsibility to the hand of their community. Perhaps they thought their son was in the care of somebody. What a wrong way of living.

Heart Cry To The Lord
Lord, I bring repentance today, I assumed things will work somehow most time without any working structure in place, father forgive me

Lord I am ready to go back and pick up my mandate where I left it. Jesus help me to be humble enough t go back and start all over again

Lord deliver me from error of assumptions, help me to put in place all that have to be in place for my seed to be in the company

Lord Jesus restore back in mercy my wasted year that assumption has taken from me.

…….Read more on the power of prophetic intercession

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