Luke.1.60 – And his mother answered and said, not so; but he shall be called John.

— Luke.1.59 – 63 And it came to pass, that on the eighth day they came to circumcise the child; and they called him Zacharias, after the name of his father. And his mother answered and said, not so; but he shall be called John. And they said unto her, There is none of thy kindred that is called by this name. And he asked for a writing table, and wrote, saying, His name is John. And they marvelled all.

There is something brooding in the air….I hear Birthing New order….

The traditionalist came to give name to the son of Elizabeth, you know Zacharias has not spoken since the angelic encounter in the temple and women don’t have a say in their days! So no consideration of Elizabeth’s opinion in destiny of the baby she bore! The husband’s family said the boy shall be called Zacharias!

Elizabeth affirmatively stood her ground and said “Not So, I have gotten the blue print of my son’s destiny already. The prophetic order of his life has been delivered into my hand. Nothing alters what I got on the altar of prayer about the seed of womb”

Upper room women that lives in the hill country get it sorted out on the altar of prayer!

She went hiding for five month and you think she will be a blind prophet and mother? Nooo….the secret of the Lord is with those that hid in the cleave of the mountain. Secret things are made open for those that make enquiry! While she was behind the closed door, she got all sorted out. If you have no definition of purpose, the world will give you one to live with. Stop this up and down ministry, go hiding, sit down on the word, get the name for your seed!

Men and women that practice the art of his presence are not confused! They know the name every seed should bear! If John will not be another Zachariah, but Elizabeth have a part to play in birthing his glorious and great destiny!

What do you know? What is the name of your seed!

They that know their God shall be strong….. Elizabeth eyes glows as she confronted the religious traditionalist priesthood delegates that sat to exchange the destiny of John by tying him to the order of Zacharias and she stood as a prophetic voice to contend for the destiny of her seed! That is motherhood! A prophetic mother have detailed order and blue print of her children and she work and walk to align them to what she has heard and seen!

So somebody said, when men speaks women should keep quiet!!!! I have heard that again and again…… So are we going to keep quiet because of religion and tradition of men at the detriment of the details we have access to in the secret place.


Men that have details of order of event changes order in a system.

When you have access to the order of events in your day then you annul tradition of men
Be a voice, raise a standard be a voice!!!

I move with men and women that are in tune with me, not men and women that are ruled by tradition and religion. I call you to intimacy…….. there is a movement….run with my word!


I bow in awe of you dear Lord, you are terrible in all your way! Your word rules the universe. You are God

Hey like Elizabeth, hid your word in the womb of my spirit

Your word embolden a man’s heart, by your mercy, grant me access to details! Father I ask of you, when I come into the closet, open to me detail of order of events around me.

Hey Father, grant me access to be a prophetic player in your agenda in the end time

Lord open me up to definition of the content of my womb

I refuse to be cowed by the religious traditionalist priesthood delegates contending with my calling, my seed, mandate and my destiny

After the order of Elizabeth, I matter in the affairs of my seed

Thank you Father!

Message prepared by

Pastor Bunmi Onilude (Deborah Generations International)


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